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Craig Marple is a world-class horseman with an educational background in equine science with an emphasis in genetics, nutrition & management, training theory in biomechanics & psychology. His influences include such legends as Doug Milholland, Jack Brainaer, Tom Dorrance and a German certified instructor from the Spanish School of Riding. With eleven years of college study and apprenticeship, Craig has schooled virtually every form of saddle horse. He is nationally known for his colt starting abilities and theories as well as his work with cow horses. He has also authored a book on his philosophy of horsemanship. 

In recent years Craig has enjoyed national recognition for his work with exceptional photographer Steve Thornton. Together they have coined the phrase “Action Cowboy Photography.” Craig rides in front of the camera and works as Steve’s professional coordinator when working with Steve. He has been seen on the cover of “American Cowboy Magazine”, featured in  “Western Horseman Magazine”, “Performance Horse Magazine”, “Cowboys & Indians Magazine.” He also has been a guest on the nationally syndicated radio program, “The Horsemen’s Radio Weekly” 

Craig has an extensive background in ranch management and has worked all over the United States. With four thousand+ horses to his credit, he is to be considered a master horseman.